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Amplify Ideas

About who and what it takes to promote youth developmentstrengthen ecosystems, and support youth thriving 

Changing the Odds Remix elevates new ways of thinking, seeing, and acting on truths parents know and research confirms:  Learning happens everywhere.  Relationships and experiences drive development. All young people have potential.  Opportunities are inequitable.  Schools cannot do this alone.

By intentionally remixing ideas from the top thinkers in the allied youth fields – cross-time (past archives and present conversations), cross-topic, and cross-system – Changing the Odds Remix will help elevate new ways of thinking, seeing, and acting by illuminating the through lines across efforts to build toward equitable learning and development ecosystems.

Advise Initiatives

Focused on community-wide and systems level transformation and accountability 

We are currently working with a number of leading organizations on projects focused on a range of topics geared toward building and strengthening equitable learning and development ecosystems, equitable assessment and accountability recalibration, and ecosystem infrastructure building. 

Our current clients in this area include: 

Align Partners

Across systems, sectors, fields, strategies, and priorities 

At both a local, state, and national level we support cross-sector partnerships and collaboratives with an emphasis on lifting up the critical role of all adults and all settings for all learners.  

Our current clients in this area include: