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Meet Our Team

Katherine Plog Martinez
Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner for Knowledge to Power (KP) Catalysts, I oversee our business systems and serve as the Executive Producer for CTO Remix. In addition, I maintain my own portfolio of projects that focus on partnership and systems building at the intersection of the youth development and k-12 education sectors.

Karen Pittman

As a founding partner in KP Catalysts, I focus on synthesizing research, policy and practice resources about where, when, how, and why learning and development happens, working to augment K-12 educators excitement and commitment to strengthening the education ecosystem with knowledge from the youth development fields. I take these lessons into my roles as Creative Director of CTO Remix.

Merita Irby

As a partner in KP Catalysts, I work with leaders in school districts, governmental departments, community collaboratives, and non-governmental organizations nationwide. My portfolio of projects focuses on helping leaders tackle real-world complexities by developing lenses and decision-making frameworks for the whole child and whole community that are youth-centered, science-informed, and equity-focused.

Traci Ganuza
Communications Specialist & Social Media Director
Wen Gomez
Executive Assistant