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Knowledge • to • Power • Catalysts

a small, nimble consulting firm that increases the rate at which leaders transform Knowledge into Power to change the odds that all children and youth will thrive

The Knowledge to Power (KP) Catalysts team of action-focused thought leaders offers a wide range of services to accelerate change through amplifying ideas, advising initiatives, and aligning partners. From one-on-one coaching to facilitating large-scale, cross-systems collaboratives, we challenge organizations and initiatives across the learning and development ecosystem to be bold, inclusive, science-informed, and equity focused in their work with and on behalf of young people. Our flagship project, Changing the Odds Remix, seeks to elevate new ways of thinking, seeing, and acting to build toward equitable learning and development ecosystems.

We may work with people and organizations rather than chemicals, but we are determined to be true to the definition of catalyst associated with chemistry. We define success as our ability to catalyze progress. We are a small, nimble team that catalyzes change in larger entities and efforts while resisting the temptation to change the size and scope of our enterprise.  New team members will join us to expand our expertise, and we will always endeavor to stretch our thinking alongside our partners and clients. But we will not lose our focus.

The Way We Work to Change the Odds for Youth

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“Dissatisfaction with public education is at an all-time high. Yet even in the face of high dissatisfaction, the resistance to change is enormous. This is precisely because the system is too essential to fail.” 

 “Equity-Center Thriving” that opens a door to new thinking, research, and practices that will challenge how thriving and equity can be expanded by goals and standards addressing interdependent, cumulative, and culturally influenced.